Little sign school

The project “Little Sign School” is implemented in cooperation with the Center UP2DATE and Elementary School Voltino from Zagreb with the financial support of Gradska plinara Zagreb.

For students of the 1st A grade of the Voltino Elementary School, our sign language interpreters hold Croatian Sign Language lessons on Fridays through video lessons.

Project leader: Ksenija Kulić

The aim of the project is to raise the awareness of 20 primary school students about the specific problems and needs of deaf people.

Target group: lower primary school students

Project duration: from September 2020 to June 2021

Total project value: HRK 12,245.28

We also closed the Little Sign School. Our first-grade students at Voltino Elementary School went on well-deserved holidays. Through 35 school hours and 23 video lessons, they learned the whole sign alphabet, numbers and say a lot of words and sentences in sign language, despite all the epidemiological limitations.

Through this education, students learned to recognize and respect the needs and feelings of others and develop critical thinking and learn how to shape and express their thoughts and feelings. They have also learned how to work well with others, how to react in different situations and now they are ready to ask for and offer help.

Thanks to the sponsorship funds of the Gradska plinara Zagreb, the participants of the Small Sign School received drawing accessories, backpacks, water bottles, pendants in the shape of a hand that shows the first letter of their name, and finally a letter of thanks.

It was a wonderful experience for our sign language interpretors and we hope that the project will continue next school year.

The aim of the project is, through education on the basics of Croatian Sign Language, raising awareness of 20 primary school students about the specific problems and needs of deaf and hard of hearing people that improve the quality of life of individuals and the community as a whole.



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