The UP2DATE Center is the only association in the Republic of Croatia that deals with the development and application of ICT in the daily life of people with disabilities and together we strive to initiate the creation of universal design.

We have established ourselves among the interested public as one of the important factors in the field of information and counseling, organizing and conducting IT education, providing technical support services to users of new technologies, providing visual assistance and sign language interpreters, digital content accessibility, cultural content adaptation, etc.

We regularly employ people with disabilities, and we adapt our activities to the requirements.

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In everyday communication with you, we strive to respond positively to all your wishes and needs. We can currently offer you the following services:


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USER expirience

My experience with learning to work on a computer is fantastic. The UP2DATE Center is the best for me and I thank my lecturer for her patience, understanding, kindness and more. I recommend education at the UP2DATE Center to everyone.
Barbara Gergorić
I would highly praise the assistant's project because I often use the help of assistants from the UP2DATE Center and I am very pleased with their flexibility and way of communication. Without that service I would not be able to do daily activities.
Sanja Fališevac
I have never had the opportunity to look at wild animals, birds and weapons like this before. I am very happy to have been to the Hunting Museum and I will recommend everyone to come. I am delighted with the services of the UP2DATE Center, they are always friendly and available to us users.
Orijano Beušić
The UP2DATE Center's policy is commendable because it listens to the wishes and needs of the users who address them, and based on this knowledge, they create activities, projects and programmes. That’s why they are so great, successful and sought after. For me, meeting them was a turning point in my life and a very positive event!
Željko Devčić

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