IT literacy is an imperative of today and part of the general culture of the individual.

The general presence of IT achievements in everyday life and work means that the future is focused on knowledge and use of new technologies.

Our educational programs are adapted for begginers, but also to all who want to update/advance their current knowledge.

All participants who attend education with us have at their disposal professional and flexible lecturers, modernly equipped space, individual approach and constant practical work.

We design and implement  educational programs according to the requests of our users; so this offer of educational programs is not final.

Our educational center provides the following programs:

  • Various IT educations,
  • Basic and advanced IT education on using screen readers NVDA and JAWS for Windows,
  • Using social networks, particular programs or applications,
  • Education on creating accessible digital documents,
  • Using particular electronic aids,
  • Dactylography,
  • Learning Braille,
  • Sign language learning for lower primary school students,
  • Interactive workshops on capabilities and needs of persons with disabilities for all age groups,
  • Education for sighted companions, personal assistants, teaching assistants and similar occupations,
  • Professional practice for high school students,
  • Exercises and professional practice for students,
  • Interactive workshops on non-violent conflict resolution for children and youth,
  • Thematic workshops by agreement (on running an association, writing projects, public speaking, on ways to deal with crisis situations, accidents, serious illnesses, etc.) for all age groups.

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