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The Law on Accessibility of Websites and Software Solutions for Mobile Devices of Public Sector Bodies (Web Directives (EU) 2016/2102 of the European Parliament and the Council of European Union) prescribes the necessity of using the European standard when creating websites and software solutions for mobile devices of bodies public sector, their appearance, ways of navigating through content, search and structure.

According to the Law on Accessibility of Websites, the basic level of accessibility of all digital content must be met so that people who do not use a computer in a standard way can access all the necessary information.

With the aim of more efficient adaptation to the requirements of digital accessibility, the expert team of the UP2DATE center performs:

  • analysis and assessment of website accessibility,
  • prepares a report with guidelines for improving all inaccessible parts of a particular website.

We had the pleasure of cooperating with the following organizations on network content accessibility testing projects:

  • collaboration with CarNET in the development of digital educational content as a pilot project, in order to test the accessibility of content to screen readers,
  • cooperation with the Agency for Mobility and European Union Programs on the project of testing the accessibility of the content of the following web pages for screen reader users:

        • testing the accessibility of web page content for screen reader users,
        • collaborate with the Faculty of Traffic Sciences to test the accessibility of the content of their website to screen readers,
        • collaboration with the publisher “Bulaja” in the creation of accessible e-readings for the purpose of testing the accessibility of content for screen readers,
        • collaboration with G.A.D. production on the development of a new web page in order to test the accessibility of content for screen readers,
        • cooperation with UNDP in assessing the accessibility of websites of 127 cities in the Republic of Croatia


Croatian Academic and Research Network – CARNET in cooperation with the Center for Research, Education and Application of New Knowledge UP2DATE, has developed guidelines for ensuring digital accessibility, which you can view HERE.


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