With UP2DATE's assistance safely to your destination!

The assistant / escort service is available again in UP2DATE. Users can get help from an assistant on a work day from 7AM to 8PM , for the following purposes: going to a doctor, a lab, going shopping, going to the bank or the post office, and other similar services. The service can be used in the city of Zagreb, and users don’t have to be a Zagreb resident, but can get an assistant service if they are coming to Zagreb or if Zagreb is a short stop till the next destination.

Users should announce the need for assistance at least one day earlier on the phone number:

01 / 4839-534 or on the e-mail address: asistencija@up2date.hr and must provide their name, last name, phone contact number, exact place and exact time of the meeting with the assistant. The estimated duration of the assistancy, a brief description of the help expected from the assistant. (Example: I am Ana Anic, I would need help from an assistant for tomorrow, on Friday, June 3, 2016, from 12 am to 3 pm. We can be found on Trg bana Jelačić Square in the direction of Črnomerc, I need to go to Nama, Kraš and in the bookstore. Assistance will take about 2 hours, my mobile number is 09 / …….)

One user can use this service up to 3 hours a day, and up to 15 hours per month, the hours are not transferable into the second month. The user is expected to have general self-reliance in the movement and use of the aids, and does not demand unpredicted activities from the assistant who is not obliged to perform these activites, e.g. carrying baggage, pet walking, housework, etc. The assistant is not required to wait if the user is late.

The rights and obligations of the watch companion and their users are governed by Regulations.

You can get more info by calling us:

01/4839 534

Or at an e-mail address


Get in touch! Our assistants / escorts are there for you!

The Assistance to Independence Project was fully funded by the European Union from the European Social Fund