We are ready for Xmas!

We are ready for Xmas!

Ofcourse we are ready after Petra’s origami workshop where we were making paper decorations for the Xmas tree.

Participants at the workshop Participant with an ornament in his hand

There was about 10 of us, and that was enough to make the vibe so awesome that we stayed way longer than it was planned.

Green and red christmas tree, and a little bike in front of them  Ornaments in the shape of Christmas hats

Who missed out on the workshop, joke is on you because it was awesome! Next time join us 🙂

Teacher Petra showing a participant how to make an ornament

*Origami workshop is a part of a project called “Equal in Culture” and it’s jointly carried out by Youth Center Ribnjak and Center UP2DATE with the financial support from City of Zagreb.