Virtual reality- better tommorow for students with development disabilities

Dino Ilić i Kristijan Vulinović, our young volounteers, were a part of CUC conference this year; CARNet’s international meeting in Rovinj from 9th-10th november. The topic of their lecture was virtual reality in education, stating what kind of devices are made for that purpose and what is their advantage. They emphasized the huge possibilites of application of such technology in education, ways of creating content etc. The center motive of the lecture were people with disabilities, ie. students with development disabilites. Kristijan and Dino gave out concrete examples of how that technology can be used. They participated on a few other lectures where they witnessed that there is a big focus on the use of technologies in class, as well as encouraging computer literacy from the youngest age; learning how to program through games, using new and current tools to upgrade the lecture, as well as improving it’s quality. We believe them when they say the conference was well organised, accommodation and the location of the conference was at the highest level, and the lectures were useful and interesting. They gathered a lot of new contacts and promoted the work of our Centre. Besides meeting new people, there were many of them who recognized our volunteers as last years presenters, and were asked about the development of EduCards project, which got many participants interested after seeing the demo-version. Regarding the informal part… they tried out all of the hotel Amarin pool’s and participated at the pop quiz- they were not last! (next to last), but to us they are the best because they are ours.

In conclusion, we may live to see that the new technology will come in aid for students with disabilities, because not everyone has basic requirements such as adjusted literature, accessible space and, to them an understandable way of communication.; whatever one needs according to it’s disability. And ofcourse, bravo for our boys who are trying to be a part of a better and more righteous world.