With dance into Xmas holidays

Polaznici uče plesati      Polaznici na tečaju





Wow! We had such a good time, danced all day and night, had fun and learned a few standard dances. Now we are on a run for the dance parties across the town 🙂

Učitelj Matija pleše sa polaznicom     Polaznici plešu

After a month and a half, Maja i Matija Novosel, also known as “the best dance teachers in the world” say that we are all ready for a real dance floor. So, the dance class was a succes, at least for our 14, well mostly female attendees. Boys, you should feel bad, it was awesome!  😚

Grupna fotografija


The activity is a part of a project “Equal in Culture” which is led together by Center UP2DATE and Youth Center Ribnjak with a financial support of City of Zagreb.