This year's CUC conference was attended by our lady representatives

Polaznici radionice Power off, keyboard on

Our valuable and happy associates, Marija Livajušić, who is also the head of technical support, but also an ubiquitous constant in all the life processes of the association, and Anamarija Belc, mostly an expert on online communication, communication in general and many more flew to Dubrovnik.

From 8th till 10th of Novemeber, there was the 19th CARNet User Conference titled “Connected with knowledge (… 25 years)”. The conference encompasses areas of learning aimed at students, adapting to the different demands and opportunities of students, the importance of guides through learning in the educational process.

Polaznici radionice na laptopima

The topic was “Technologies and pupils with special educational needs” as extremely important and perhaps insufficiently present. Since the UP2DATE Center has a rich experience in this field, our Marija had a “Power Off, Keyboard On” workshop, which was designed to demonstrate how to use the screen reader. The aim of the workshop was to highlight the opportunities offered by assistive technologies, in this case screen readers, in the information and communication world.

Marija drži predavanje o NVDA čitaču

And now a couple of interesting things! Do you know that this year’s CUC conference marked the 25th birthday of the internet in Croatia? So, we are older! Okay, maybe you knew that.

But surely you did not know that the UP2DATE representatives were randomly picked at the airport  and tested for the presence of explosive components.So, blind people can be suspicious too. Though they are very explosive, there are no security threats to the environment, so they could board the plane and return to work in Zagreb.

Marija i Anamarija na konferenciji