Technical support


We are your ICT solution for your computer problems!

WELCOME TO TECHNICAL SUPPORT for people with disabilities in our Centre!

Solving problems created by your laptop, computer, tablet, smartphone or any other device that you use is our daily job! Therefore contact us for advice or help!

Free technical support for people with disabilities advises and offers support in solving technical problems for those who use computers or any other device using screen readers. All activities are focused towards an easier method of solving difficulties when working with the computer equipment for the blind and visually impaired, as well as others who use screen readers to independently work on the computer, where they can seek and obtain help oriented to every user individually, all in one place.

Technical support is free for users so that it can be available to all who do not have the ability to solve such problems on their own.

Contact us:
– if you are buying a new or upgrading an old computer,
– if the source of malfunction in a computer needs to be diagnosed or removed,
– change malfunctioning parts or install new ones,
– installing and managing software licenses,
– configure a computer for optimal functioning for blind or visually impaired person,
– if you have problems installing a screen reader, configuring it, or using it,
– if you need to configure the speech unit,
– if you want to customise the operating system,
– if you need advice in equipping a workplace,
-when choosing a scanner, printer or other device that a visually disabled person is using with a computer,
– choosing a mobile phone and necessary applications,
– screen readers and speech synthesizers,
– choosing aids for the home or office,
– or when choosing various typlotechnical aids,
– if you need informing or counseling on technological innovations which help people with disabilities,
– counseling on choosing the necessary computer equipment, operating system and user applications,
– if you need assistance in configuring your operating system and user applications,
-or when installing and configuring screen readers, speech synthesizers, office application packages: MS Office and OpenOffice, program applications for e-mail, program applications for converting text into audio recordings, program application for various needs: audio/video reproducers, digital media recorders, archivers, browsers, tools for audio processing.. or something else.
According to our users’ needs, UP2DATE’S technical support organizes educational programs which are carried out by expert educators with many years of experience.
UP2DATE’S technical support is at your service every working day from 8.a.m to 4 p.m.


– Skype: centar.up2date
– e-mail:
– phone: ++385 1 48 39 534
– personally (with prior announcement) at the adress:
Ulica grada Mainza 29, 10000 Zagreb


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