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We are proud to announce – ICC camp in Croatia! UP2DATE Center hosts an international ICC camp that will be held for the first time in Croatia in 2018. We organize the camp in cooperation with the University of Zadar.

ICC (International Camp on Communication and Computers) is a camp where young people aged 16 to 25 participate actively in workshops where they develop their IT, communication and social skills with an aim to facilitate their integration into the community where they live, study and work.

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 Sponsors and donors:

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tommy markets Adriatic Insurance

Croatian Telecom  Coca-Cola HBC


Tomsoft Futsal Dinamo 

Grad Zadar Koestlin 

Saltern Nin   Croatian Tourist Board  

National Park Krka Erasmus+ 

Agency for mobility and EU programmes COO Vinko Bek 

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Zaklada Čujem Vjerujem Vidim                         dragon games   



Ministry for demography, family, youth and social politics   Giant


How did the ICC camp come about?

Austrian University of Linz, the “Computer Science for the Blind” and the “Studying Center for Visually Impaired Students” at the University of Karlsruhe (TH), began on supporting the blind and visually challenged students to allow equal learning conditions in the main areas of study.

The high complexity of this process for blind and visually challenged young people in terms of technical, pedagogical and social aspects requires early start of preparation, even before their entry into the university. That is the reason why ICC is organized. The ICC is an event that initiates this process and encourages young people to engage in maximum engagement to complete high school and prepare for entry into higher education and labor market.

After 25 years, the ICC is still an event that encourages, strengthens, supports and motivates students.

Goal of ICC camp

– The goal of the ICC camp is to raise awareness of young blind and visually impaired learners about the benefits of efficient use of information and communication technologies, and other connected technologies, which are “must have” skills useful for social and technical development as well as raising the level of mobility;

– Supports students in their choice of further education and professional paths and motivates them on early and thorough preparation before the beginning of the educational and / or work process;

– It is a great opportunity to establish contact with blind and visually impaired peers from other countries and to exchange knowledge and experience as well as networking.

In addition, the ICC has an influence on making important decisions about choosing an university, helping to find out how to organize your educational obligations and where to go for the necessary counseling and information support

What was it like in previous years?

ICC is an extremely useful experience for young people to recognize the extent to which the developed countries offer support to people with disabilities and to personally experience the capabilities of the new technologies available to them.”

Nikola Glibo

After 2 ICC camps I am a rich man! I have a lot of acquaintances across Europe and the Balkans, I have improved English knowledge, improved IT skills, I have been socialized through social skills workshops, and if I continue, I feel unstoppable.”

Antonio Vicković