ICC '17 Belgium

Now that our ICC team is well fed and well rested, here are the impressions:

Antonio continues to be a philosopher. Hunger has made him serious, so in all seriousness, here’s what he said:

On this ICC ’17 I made a lot of new friends, again, and learned some new things amongst many diverse workshops. I especially liked the workshops called Advanced document creation and Game of nations where I learned alot about editing and organising academic documents, and a little something about diplomatic ways of communication. The evening activites were fun as always, especially Torball and Jam session.  Overall, the organisation was great because there was no unexpected situations and delays. Lodging was fine, and moving around complex hall of the University was made easy by the whistling  garden dwarfs who warned us about certain things like: stairs, toilets, ect. The only thing that I didn’t like this year was the food, but considering the fact that it was great camp, the food is not much of a problem then.

Our Supreme leader Nikola, who didn’t have the time to run a few miles in Belgium (or was he hungry? 🙂 ), but even without his running charm he still got some new  fans. Here is what he said:

After some good sleep and a full stomach I’m back in balance :).  As the leader of our team, I have to say that our participants, including the staff were traditionally very nice, hard working and presented our country and our Center in the best possible way. This year’s hosts  (Belgium) deserve a huge commendation.
Sufficient and high quality human resources were secured, around 30 of them. They were all working hard in implementation  of daily tasks, they were very kind, not pushy but still at disposal for everything. My general conclusion is: the organisation was very good as well as how the camp functioned. Food!… ohhh, our past experiences thought us that there will be „starvation“ 🙂

Breakfast was okay, lunch… hmmm, pretty bad and we skipped most of them, (fruit was an excellent substitution).  I think that only three dinners were fine, and  the rest was just to survive.

The special thing about this year’s camp is our presentation for the next year’s camp which will be held in Croatia, all of the National Coordinators were blown away and they will not miss out the #ICCROATIA.  It is a very big responsibilty and a huge amount of work, so  besides the sea and the sun all of the other activities must be well prepared and organized. I am sure that our little but amazing team will give it’s best to outdo all of the camps throughout the years.

Katarina was a good cook and no one had any complaints, and she talks with excitement: This was better than the last; better organisation and a wide spectre of activities. Even the food was nice because I can eat anything. I liked the workshops about space and cooking the best. I’ve met a lot of nice people from Czech Republic, two girls from Greece, twins from Serbia, some from Belgium and lots more, but this people stay in my heart. All in all, I was very satisfied with ICC Belgium.

Dejana was strict about her eating habits and she ate almost nothing, but here is what she said:  This was an unforgetable experience. Throught this 10 days I learned a lot of new  things on various workshops. I also tried some things that I wasn’t able to do at home, e.g. tandem bike, salsa dance, cooking.. I met a bunch of interesting people, and listening to them I also learned some new english words. All in all, it was awesome, besides the food that I did not like.

Our omnivore Ilija doesn’t eat everything afterall, and he couldn’t chase the girls on an empty stomach :(, but here is what he said: The camp was awesome. Food was the worst, but the rooms and the workshops were great. I had the best time at the camp and I would definitely like to go again next year, as long as there is something good to eat.

Our hungry and tired staff member Donatella mumbles with her mouth full: I don’t know what to say that hasn’t already been said. I met a lot of wonderful people, learned some new things from others, and someone learned something from me too, hopefully. I was more hungry than full, but I guess that’s what we all have in common this year. It looks to me like the tempo is really tiring, especially for the participants, so after a few days we were all very tired and sleepy, but we made it- only the strongest ones go to ICC.

Dino still has a  nice haircut, major fear of terrorist attacks and purely professionally he says:   It was wonderful working on ICC camp this year, everything was organised perfectly. Traditionally, we didn’t like the food, and the fact that after 6 PM it is hard to find something edible , because all the stores were closed, but after a few days we bought the food on time. I am really satisfied with our team, everyone is really awesome, and ofcourse our video-presentation for ICC ’18, when we are the hosts in Zadar.