Futsal Dinamo players turned into waiters for a good cause

On Wednesday April 25th. in Harat’s Pub, players from Futsal Dinamo organized a fundraising for Center Up2date, who is organizing ICC camp for blind and partially sighted youngsters, and they did it by becoming waiters for a few hours 🙂

With trays and a few kegs they served guests in a famous Zagreb’s pub, and all the money earned went to Center UP2DATE

Futsal Dinamo player Davor Kanjuh pointed out that players will always gladly contribute to good causes and they are especially glad that this action will help blind and partially sighted youngsters.

nogometaš futsal dinama daje izjavu za TV

“Some of us already knew how to hold a tray, and some were still learning, but considering the fact that no beers were spilled, we can say we did a pretty good job” said Davor

The president of Futsal Dinamo Matija Đulvat announced an interesting tournament that Futsal is organizing with Centre UP2DATE next weekend (May 6th.) at Jarun Lake.

We are talking about goalball, paralympic sport, and Matija invited all interested to join us.

Anamarija Belc, project manager from Center Up2date,  expressed great content with Futsal Dinamo.

“ I am very glad that Center Up2date and Futsal Dinamo developed a great cooperation through fundraising for ICC international camp for blind and partially sighted youth which will be held in Croatia for the first time. Camp has a tradition as long as 25 years, it is held in different country every year  and it gathers around 150 participants, youth with visual impairment, experts who teach them and are involved in the journey on their education and employment. The participants during a 10 day camp have around 40 workshops where they develop their IT, communication and social skills in order to be more autonomous and to prepare them for life in the community”, said Belc

Anamarija daje izjavu za TV

Grupna slika Futsal Dinamo i Centar UP2DATE