Fundraising tournament by Center UP2DATE and Futsal Dinamo

On May 6th. Center UP2DATE and Futsal Dinamo organised a fundraising tournament with a purpose of collecting funds for organization of ICC camp. The game that was played is called Goalball and it’s a part of paralympics.

We also made history that day… goalball was played outside.

ekipa HRT-a snima utakmicu goalballa
Some of our guest who came to support us are actor Goran Grgić and member of parliament Marko Sladoljev 

Marko Sladoljev   Goran Grgić

📝 The list of the most succesful players is here:
🥉 Bronze:
Nikola Glibo, Center UP2DATE,
Ivan Šulentić, Futsal Dinamo
Alen Jukić, called Juka, futsal Dinamo

🥈 Silver:
Karlo Maloševac, Futsal Dinamo,
Danijel Perić, called Čaplja, Futsal Dinamo,
Martin Birk, Center UP2DATe;

🥇 Gold:
Dina Kuiš, Center UP2DATE,
Gordana Glibo, Center UP2DATE,
Kristijan Knežević, Center UP2DATE.

Zajednička slika sa medaljama

And the rest is history and it will be in school textbooks 😛