It would be an honor if your IT journey to a better future began right here.

IT literacy is today’s imperative and a part of an individual’s culture. The general presence of IT accomplishments in daily living and work means that the future is focused towards knowing and using new technologies.

Our educational programs are adapted for complete beginners, but also to all who want to update/advance their current knowledge.
All participants that attend our training have expert and flexible lecturers at their disposal, as well as facilities equipped to top modern standards, an individual approach and constant practical work.
We design and carry out educational programs according to the requests of our users; therefore this offer of educational programs is not final.

Our educational center provides the following programs:
– ECDL certification and education (beginners, basic and advanced) in our ECDL test centre, fully adapted to all categories of persons with disabilities,
– Basic IT education on using the screen reader JAWS for Windows,
– Basic IT education on using the screen reader NVDA
– Basic IT education for seniors
– Advanced IT education for seniors,
– Using social networks,
– Using particular programs or applications,
– Using particular electronic aids,
– Dactylography,
– Learning Braille,
-Interactive workshops on braille „ Dot by dot- braille“
-Interactive workshops on capabilities and needs of persons with disabilities for all age groups
– Theme workshops on request for all age groups

ECDL certification

Everyone is talking about the new concept of ECDL and the value of internationally recognised certificate, but you don’t know where to start? Well you’re in the right place, and we have prepared an educational program for you that includes all subject modules which are necessary for acquiring ECDL diploma, recognised in more than 150 countries worldwide.
The aim of the program is to train participants for independent computer use which gives employers, employees and society as a whole, significant advantages:
– enables easier employment
– enables the objective assessment of computer literacy which is based on internationally standardised course units and tests Increases the productivity of employees and better business interaction
– a quality basis for further improvement of IT knowledge

The Republic of Croatia incorporated ECDL into Operational plan for the implementation of the e-Croatia program which determines the application of ECDL program in IT education of civil employees and employees in state administration as well as the teaching staff in primary and secondary schools.
ECDL –the European Computer Driving License is an internationally recognised certificate on computer literacy, designed with the goal to establish a unique standard of computer use proficiency.

The new ECDL program is composed of the following units:
Beginners ECDL diploma includes 4 beginners modules:

– Computer essentials
– Online essentials
– Word processing
– Spreadsheets

Standard ECDL diploma includes 4 base modules + any of the 3 basic modules:
– Presentation
– Using databases
– IT security
– Online collaboration
– Web design
– Image editing
– Project planning

ECDL Expert diploma includes all 4 advanced modules:
– Advanced word processing
– Advanced spreadsheets
– Advanced database
– Advanced presentation

UP2DATE ECDL test center conducts the certification and education of participants according to the syllabus prescribed by the ECDL foundation,and in Croatia it is supervised by the Croatian Information Technology Association. All of our students that successfully pass all designated exams receive an ECDL certificate which is recognised in more than 150 countries around the world

Advantages of our ECDL test centre are:
– flexibility in organising lecture
– flexibility in conducting lectures
– small group (6 participants in the informatic classroom),
– individual approach
– practical work
– possibility of taking exams
– additional instruction for particular models,

Students that attend lectures receive:
– ECDL index
– 4 ili 7 ECDL tests
– ECDL certificate

Contact us:
phone: ++385 1 48 39 534
adress:Centar UP2DATE, Ulica grada Mainza 29, Zagreb, Croatia


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