Centar UP2DATE participated on Zadar Night Run

On this years’ Zadar Night Run, we promoted ICC camp that will be held at Zadar from 22nd-31st of July.

Up2dejtovci se pripremaju za trku

🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️ Total of 14 members were running, 5 blind, 2 partiallysighted and 7 Up2date friends. Well actually, some were running, some tried to run and ended up walking and some had to be carried.

Marija i Kristina u cilju

🐕 A special, 15th place went to our four legged runner Lex, a wonderful dog who also got a medal at the finish line.

Ofcourse we all had a great time, but we couldn’t avoid sore muscles so the office was empty next day 😉