According to the slogan: „WITH UP2DATE’S ASSISTANCE SAFELY TO YOUR DESTINATION!“ a free service is provided by the association UP2DATE in the city of Zagreb- even if you don’t live in Zagreb but come to get something done.

The service functions like this: you need to go somewhere and you can’t go alone due to disability and need the help of another person, order an assistant/escort who will take you there, help you to complete your task and return to a familiar place from where you can continue on your own.

You can recieve the service of an assistant/escort for the following situations:
– going to see a doctor,
– going to a lab,
– going to the post, bank, etc..,
– going shopping,
– assistance when transferring terminals,
– going to visit other unfamiliar on inaccessible parts of the city of Zagreb,
– other situations according to the Policy on Providing Personal Assistance.

It is expected of the client to have general independence of movement and the use of aids and to not ask of the assistant/escort to perform unforseen activites which the assistant/escort is not recquired to do, such as:
– carrying luggage,
– walking pets,
– doing house chores,
– spending free time socializing,
– illegal and criminal activities,
– execution of embarrassing or immoral requests,
– other activities according to the Policy on Providing Personal Assistance.

The assistant/escort is not a personal, work or course assistant, but a person whose help is required by a disabled person occasionally.

The rights and duties of an assistant/escort and their clients are regulated by the Policy on Providing Personal Assistance
A client can use this service a total of 15 hours per month, maximum of 3 hours per day, nontransferable to the following month, and ordered 24 hours earlier by:
– e-mail:
– telephone: ++385 1 48 39 534
and it is mandatory to provide the following information:
– name and surname,
– category of disability,
– contact mobile number,
– location and time of meeting with the assistant/escort,
– expected duration of assistance,
– short description of the help that is expected from the assistant/escort.

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Our assistants/escorts are available to you every working day from 7am to 8pm.


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