Informing and counseling

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We inform and advise users with disabilities about the rights they have and the opportunities offered to them, especially in the area of ​​lifelong learning, which increases their employability.

-advocate and promote the rights and interests of people with disabilities,-inform general public on opportunities and needs of people with disabilities,
– provide help to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities,
– encourage economic, social, cultural and other affirmation of people with disabilities,
– encourage employment of people with disabilities,
– inform employers about the rights and possibilities of realizing a working relationship with a person with disabilities
– provide support; equipping the workplace with free software solutions for people with disabilities,- provide support through the lending of technical equipment necessary for undisturbed operation if the business environment does not meet the needs of people with disabilities,
– provide assistance in procuring workplace equipment for people with disabilities,
– provide continuous support to the disabled employee and his employer,
-provide psycho-social support to people with disabilities at the time of adaptation to the working environment, but also to the employer and colleagues if necessary,- encourage interactive, inventive and scientific-research work for the development of aids for people with disabilities,
– collect and process data on the situation and needs of people with disabilities,
– monitor and actively participate in the process of education, rehabilitation, employment and protection of people with disabilities,
– organize consultation for general public on possible solutions for the problems of people with disabilities,
– advise users about the possibilities of education, employment, rights, sports, cultural and recreational activities that are available- advise on the procurement of aids, IT equipment and software solutions,
– prepare, organize, carry out various educational programs, seminars, conferences, workshops
– provide technical support to PC users, mobile phones and other technology devices,
– publish manuals, publications, etc..
– making and developing aids, hardware and software solutions for raising the quality of life of people with disabilities,
– propose new amendments and amendments to the existing ones, as well as the adoption of new regulations in favor of persons with disabilities,
– encourage inclusive education and employment, inform the general public about the opportunities and needs of people with disabilities,
– provide social services for the benefit of independent living,
– encourage the application of new technologies in the education, life and work of people with disabilities,
– encourage the application of universal design,
– encourage healthy lifestyle,
– work with experts and scientists to find the best solutions to overcome the everyday obstacles encountered by people with disabilities,
-building partnerships with ministries, state, regional and local government bodies,- cooperate with educational institutions, agencies, federations, associations, business sector, international affiliated organizations,
– accept all ideas, suggestions and comments

To our users we offer informations and exchange of experiences through:
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telephone: ++385 1 48 39 534
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direct contact (office): Ulica grada Mainza 29, 10000 Zagreb, with prior announcement on working days from 8AM-4PM.


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