About us

About us

Centre UP2DATE is the new name of the organization that was founded in 1991. under the name Croatian Society for Promotion and Development of Tiphlotechnology „HUPRT“, and it is the only organization engaged in development and application of ICT in the daily life of users with disabilities

We act on behalf of people with disabilites and together we strive to initiate the creation of universal design. We have more than 600 registered users, and to participate in our activities, they don’t have to be the members of our Centre or pay any kind of fee.

Due to intense independent work from the start until today, Centre UP2DATE has affirmed within the interested public as an important factor in the field of informing and counseling, organization and execution of IT education as well as providing the service of technical support for new technologies to its users. During its developmental phase UP2DATE implemented many important programs and projects which were supported financially by several donators, proving itself as a reliable partner.

VISION of Centre UP2DATE is to become a regional leader in implementation of recognizable ICT services and solutions created by universal design. Participating in the design of digital environment with innovative research projects we guarantee education, application of knowledge and support in order to achieve equal opportunities for all social groups with a special emphasis on users with disabilites.

MISSION of Centre UP2DATE is to continuously promote new knowledge to enable a higher level of competence, quality inclusion of users on the job market and in various educational processes, but also to facilitate and enrich the daily lives of users/members.

We adapt our activities according to user demand and labor market, and we are particularly proud of: cooperation with association and library Visoki Jablani; publishing and dissemination of children’s novel that was published simultaneously in all formats (printed book, audio format and in Braille) which was the first ever to happen in Croatia in 2016.


– Adjustment of textbooks for high school and college students,
– participation on CARNet’s international conferences in Dubrovnik, 2015. and in Rovinj, 2016.
– cooperation with Youth Centre Ribnjak on a project called „Equal in culture“ in 2016.
– cooperation with G.A.D. production and the President’s office on adapting president’s new web page
– status of a national coordinator for ICC- International Camp on Communication and Computers which we will be hosting in 2018. in Croatia
– Licensed ECDL Test centre, the only test centre for people with disabilities in Republic of Croatia, for which we were awarded with an Informatics Plaquete by Croatian IT association
– participation in modifying the digital version of the new Croatian Spelling Dictionary in 2013 in cooperation with the Institute of Croatian Language and Linguistics,
– the design, organisation and implementation of various IT courses for senior citizens, people with disabilities and for groups and individuals,
– the design, organisation and implementation of various educational workshops according to the requests of our users (e.g. learning Braille, dactylography, interactive workshops on tolerance and non violent problem solving for children and teens, practice for people who work with children or people with disabilities etc.),
– providing services of assistant/companion for people with disabilities
– the implementation of occupational therapy,
– adapted guided tour of the city of Zagreb, enriched with the use of relief display in cooperation with guide Dora Fila Butković and architect Janko Kralj
– publishing of an IT manual for using NVDA readers, authored by Danijel Baričević
– Publishing of an IT manual on using the JAWS reader for Windows, authored by Zlatko Sobočan,
– Participation in the International Conference on Higher Education and Disability in Innsbruck in 2013.
– adaptation of ECDL manual for blind people in cooperation with POU Algebra
– organisation of annual IT quiz for blind people
– workshops on personal development and psychological counseling
– participation in the traditional Večernjak cycling event in Zagreb, 2013 in Zagreb
– participation in Terry Fox run in 2013.
– organisation of field trips for people with disabilities
– training of safe driving for people with physical disabilities in cooperation with ORYX centre for safe driving and the Faculty of Transport and Traffic
– driving for blind persons under controlled conditions and the guidance of an instructor in cooperation with ORYX centre for safe driving
– exhibition of relief photography in a dark room, designed by a photography student Siniša Glogoški in 2012.
– organisation of photography workshop for the visually impaired which resulted in an exhibition called „This is how I see the world around me“, prepared by photographer Frano Ožbolt
– creation of relief atlas of the Republic of Croatia for the blind
– creation of tactile maps for tram network of the City of Zagreb for blind persons,
– design of social games for blind people in cooperation with Lepoglava penitentiary…

In our vision we included three strategic pillars that reflect our philosophy of action :

innovation, partnership and users

 We are proud of the fact that we offered our users a new range of services that accompany technological development and new trends of lifelong learning and thinking. While we look forward in the direction of new challenges, we are happy for the opportunities that open to us. In Centre UP2DATE we will continue with the upgrade of previous achievements through new capacity and expertise, creating a world of equal possibilities.