The UP2DATE Center is the only association in the Republic of Croatia that deals with the development and application of ICT in everyday life of people with disabilities, blind people, deaf people, partially deaf, and people with various disabilities, and together we strive to launch the creation of universal design.

We have been affirmed in the circle of interested public as one of the important factors in information and counseling, organizing and conducting IT education, providing technical support services to new technology users as well as  providing assistant  service for  blind people.

We regularly employ people with disabilities, and we adjust our activities to the demands of the users and the labor market.

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 Our satisfied customers

My experience with learning to work on a laptop,and learning IT in general, is fantastic.The UP2DATE Center is the best, and my lecturer is a person whom I thank for patience, understanding, goodness and other virtues.

Barbara Gergorić, user of Up2date services

I am very pleased with the sewing and tailoring workshop and I’m glad I came. I learned what I was interested in, met some new people and we had a great time. I hope I will be included in some other courses in the future. Eg., I would like someone to teach me to cut a cake even and tidy, so think about organizing something of that type.

Ivka Džapo, user of Up2date services

I was at the origami workshop, and I came to sewing and tailoring because I really like this type of workshop. I like practical work where I can learn something and where I can show others what I know. I would like to be involved in the course of knitting , even as a tutor, because I do this well. I would like to have many different workshops, but I can’t think of any at this point. I would praise the assistant / escort project because I often use the help of UP2DATE’s assistant’s and I am very pleased with their flexibility and the way they communicate.

Sanja Fališevac, user of Up2date services

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